Liz & Nick break down the good, bad, and just plain ridiculous from goop.com. This is a modern lifestyle podcast for those who aren't full of sh*t.

Episode 1 "Pilot or, are we Gwen's friends?"

Episode 1 "Pilot or, are we Gwen's friends?"

Here we are, the very first episode of The Goop Pod. The Pilot if you were, or, as Nick so casually asks: "Are we Gwen's friends?" (Sadly, probably not). 

First, Liz & Nick deserve a round of applause. After tossing around the idea for a podcast for probably almost a decade we have actually sat down and recorded something. Is it good? eh, we'll let the 10s of listeners out there decide. 

Now we get into it.....


What are we drinking? 

As you can see from the photo above, Liz & Nick are drinking a Bellinies. Liz has pared a SOMETHING with a pre-chilled Proseco, and generously served them in a glass that could probably be described as a fishbowl with a stem. 

As a bonus, we are eating a danish, which Nick forgot about and you can hear him realize he forgot about, and subsequently run and get without pausing the recording (or bothering to edit it out.) Additionally, if you listen carefully, you may hear him occasionally chew on said danish. (Sorry). 


Goop.com's Go section features hotels, experiences, eateries, and cultural things to do in a number of places. Sadly, our home of Milwaukee is not featured. So, Liz & Nick discuss Chicago. Specifically, we discuss the Culture aspects. 

Paltrow's Picks:

Usually, Liz & Nick hand select (with care) the craziest of things for our enjoyment. Sadly, this section is lacking so we had to take all three goop selected. Yes, only three. And spoiler, they're pretty basic. 

  • The Second City
  • Art Institute Chicago
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

All are fine, but pretty basic. 

Pod Picks:

Many are free or low cost. Pod Tip: For Improv Olympics, Thirsty, or shows of the sort, call the day off and ask if there are discounts / door specials. Oftentimes smaller venues offer these discounts to fill up the last seats int he house!


Fancy Fabreeze. Okay, they don't really call it this, instead it's called the Interior Aromatic. It Costs $45.00 for 16 oz.

Yes. $45.00 for 16 oz. For comparison, that costs about 4.7 times as much as a regular 16 oz bottle of Fabreze which is really what this stuff is. 

Here's the description directly from goop.

This home spray—mist it in the air, freshen sheets, sofa pillows, scarves, blankets, even the inside of your car—is made with cedar, sandalwood, oakmoss, and vetiver essential oils, which combine grounding, stimulating, and aphrodisiac properties. It’s subtly incredible on its own—it can instantly change the whole energy of space—or equally fantastic combined with other Sandoval sprays, to create a signature home scent. A rose quartz crystal, charged in the full moon, comes in each bottle, for even more energy-improving atmosphere.
— https://shop.goop.com/shop/products/interior-aromatic-wood?taxon_id=97

Did you notice anything crazy? Let's call it out if you missed it: A rose quartz crystal, charged int he full moon, comes in each bottle, for even more energy-improving atmosphere. 

Liz & Nick surmise that there is a single quartz crystal plopped in the bottle. Which probably is why this thing is $45. 

We also wanted to know more about this process. We discuss it in the podcast and encourage you to check out this site to learn more about the process. 

Make, DIY Challenge!

Liz & Nick will be making a Spiced Carrot Soup. Which, we hope will be quite good!

From goop.com

This easy carrot soup has just enough heat from Serrano chili, warmth from cumin and cinnamon, and brightness from fresh lime juice. Serve with bread and a simple salad for a quick and satisfying lunch or dinner any time of year.

We'll report back on this in a latter episode. 


Can yoga affect the way we age? 

Liz & Nick will be doing a yoga challenge: 15 minutes of yoga a day. How will we know if its working? Complements. 

Stay tuned...


Do schools kill creativity? 

Liz & Nick both think they do. Liz discussed her experience working in a school. We are going to watch/listen to this TED Talk and report back in a future podcast. 









Episode 2 "It's rich people NASCAR."

Episode 2 "It's rich people NASCAR."