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Episode 7 "#TryingToSellOut"

Episode 7 "#TryingToSellOut"

What are we drinking?

Cider Martini and Bourbon Spiced Cider. (tweet at Liz for the recipe)

Introducing a new segment: Goop's pivots to be more accessible. 

Goop went to Costco. See the low effort post


Goop Apparently got rid of the Go Get Do Make See segments on their website. 


"The Kitchen Healer" & "Wood Board Love"


While some scars are sexy, we’d prefer that most cuts—from a small scratch on your chin to incisions made for major surgery—simply disappear as they heal. Many do—and a subset of them don’t. There’s unfortunately little rhyme or reason to why one injury scars, another scars badly, and the other leaves no evidence of ever having been there—says top plastic surgeon Steven Teitelbaum, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine, and president of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. Here, he walks us through what can and can’t be done—from in-office procedures to at-home remedies—and how to know when to call in a plastic surgeon.
— http://goop.com/beauty/skin/how-to-heal-a-scar/

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Episode 8 "This is an emergency" or, #tryingtosellout part 2.

Episode 6 "It's opportunistic, and it's gross, and it's terrible"

Episode 6 "It's opportunistic, and it's gross, and it's terrible"